Crestone Baca Grande Accommodations


Welcome! If this is your first visit to the CBGA site, please peruse the information it contains and let us know how we can assist you further with your visit to Crestone, Colorado. 

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Quotes Thanks. We had an absolutely wonderful time. Quotes
Guest, December 2013

Quotes Just wanted to say thank you again. Everyone had a great time-and folks new to Crestone and the townhomes were very impressed with the accommodations, I am sure there will be some repeat business from the outing. Quotes
Local hosting friends from out-of-town, June 2014

Quotes Thank you so much it was wonderful! Quotes
Guest, June 2014

Quotes We most certainly enjoyed our stay at CBGA! The rooms were comfortable and attractive, and the nearby fitness trail along the creek was delightful! We all want to return soon. My husband was raised in Moffat and enjoyed Crestone at an early age. We laid him to rest at Rito Alto Cemetery on May 25 at the foot of those wonderful Sangre de Cristos that he loved so well. Quotes
Guest, May 2014